What is Ceramic Coating?

Your vehicle has a top layer of paint called a “clear coat”, this clear coat is designed to protect the paint underneath to make the paint appear glossier and prevent UV rays from causing the paint to fade. Clear coats are much softer and more fragile than you may think. Clear coats become scratched, worn down, and faded over time making your vehicle’s paint look dull and imperfect, even with the best care. Waxes and sealants were developed to add a layer of protection to that clear coat to mitigate these issues. The issue with waxes and sealants is that they are soft and easily removable and must be applied several times a year to maintain that protection, which can get expensive. Today, ceramic coatings are taking paint protection to an entirely new level. Ceramic coatings provide a microscopic layer of extremely hard, extremely durable protection that can last up to 7 years when applied properly. Ceramic is incredibly water-repellant and scratch-resistant, making it easier to clean
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